The Wearable Occupation

The folks we’ve visited at Occupy Charlotte haven’t yet had to deal with police brutality or serious arrests. Unlike protesters in Melbourne, Australia, they also have not been breaking the law by camping in public. Check out this video from Occupy Melbourne that offers one creative solution to camping laws: wearing tents as clothing.

And in the spirit of the holidays, this young woman has taken the pepper-spraying cop meme to a whole new level:

What, it’s like a condiment or something, isn’t it?

Image via Copyranter

Sunday Flashback: Used Cars, Credit Healin’, and Puppets

Oh Wevwend Wob: When Robert Christenson made this commercial in 1997, it only took him one week and several rounds of complaints from Bible-thumpers to get the boot from WSOC-9. Thanks to internet magic, we now have all of the Apple Auto Sales commercials at our fingertips for posterity. Even some of the more obscure ads, like this highly unusual “Stick it to the man” commercial, where Reverend Rob whacks a smug car salesman with what appears to be an enormous fudgsicle.

When Puppetry Goes Wrong, Very Wrong: What the? Is Horis having a seizure? After over a decade of retirement, Horis and Doris from Griffin Motors Monroe are back! The puppetry has not improved, so it has retained that classic “kung fu overdub” look. 

Below, Horis purchases a Buick Enclave. Plus, jump cuts. Kinda like Breathless meets public access television.

For Those Confined to the Bed, Behold: B-Movie Saturday

Good morning, ALTiens. Recovering from a Jell-O Shot hangover? (Damn you, Jell-O shots!) Did the neighbor’s punk-ass kid and his friends roll your tree again? Have you resorted to eating Dots and multi-colored Tootsie Rolls? Stop right there. Too far.

Let ALT CLT ease the pain with this collection of horror B-movies.

Criminally Insane II: Crazy Fat Ethel

As you ponder the regrettable things you may have done last night, remind yourself: It could be worse. I could be getting murdered over a pretzel. Or you could have ketchup for blood, which mostly sounds salty and uncomfortable.

Dead Alive

Party’s over: This is what it looks like when you take a running lawnmower to a crowd of zombies. And then you do it again. In case you were wondering. It mostly looks really slippery.

I Drink Your Blood

…and I eat your skin. Don’t eat those pies! They’re filled with rabies!

Death Nurse

Scalpel. Sponge. Scalpel. Scalpel. Nurse Motley, could you blot my forehead some more? All of this stabbing is making me sweaty. Wait a second, Nurse Motley — Ethel, is that you? Plus: a guy eating ice cream for like, an hour.