To Help You Get All Weepy Over Your Last Bowl of 2011 Cheerios

Aw, we love this. And we also kind of hate that we love it. Is this video of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt not the cutest thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on?

And is it not also super weird and awesome that Joseph Gordon Levitt’s apartment looks like, um, my apartment? And probably yours? I’m assuming that it’s not Zooey’s house. There is not nearly enough ironic crochet or birds-on-things for it to be hers.

Happy New Year’s!

Americans, Hide Your Fidge-fridgey-fridgeyators!

Have you heard about the butter crisis in Norway? Dude, they are all out. And of course, American comedians are just laughing about it, like it’s no big deal!  Tommy, a famerse bloggers and celebrities from Norway, is here to teach us a lesson or two in sensitivity.

Tommy, on behalf of the United States of America, I want to apologize for our callousness toward the Norwegian butterpocalypse. What will the little Norway children do without pussycats this Christmas? Normally in situations like this, I pour a 40 on the ground for my homies. But today, to honor all those Norwegians who are going without this holiday season, I propose that we enjoy a state fair staple: fried butter balls. And I also propose that we rename them in honor of the man who taught us a thing or two about laughing at butter. “Tommybøls” has a great ring to it.

Panthers Steal Awesome Play from “Little Giants”

At their game against the Texans this Sunday, the Carolina Panthers pulled an Annexation of Puerto Rico — excuse us, fumblerooski – that resulted in a touchdown by fullback Richie Brockel. Basically, one player is all, I’VE GOT THE BALL!, but the ball is actually just laying there, and the person everyone thinks has the ball is like, SIKE! and then someone scores. See, ESPN? This is why you guys need to pay me the big bucks.


 Here’s the clip from Little Giants (jump to 6:24 for the play).

City of Charlotte Instates Earlier Curfew, Hopes to Avoid Hoodrat Stuff

Image source: The White Tiger Tumblr

Are you reading this at 2am? Are you 11? Give me back those cigarettes. And the keys to my car — damn! Starting tonight, you’d better be inside at this hour, young man.

The City of Charlotte changed its curfew regulations today for the first time since they were instated in 1995. Children under 12 must be indoors no later than 10pm each night, while kids 13 to 15 may be out as late as 11pm. The city’s youth protection ordinance previously allowed minors under the age of 16 to be out as late as midnight on weekend nights, and 11pm on weekdays.

Changes to the existing ordinance were promoted by Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon after a shooting at a Speed Street Celebration event earlier this year.

Noted child badass Latarian Milton had no comment on the changes.

You Look Like a Tasty Drumstick, Coyote Says to Local Sissy Dog

The Charlotte Observer reports this morning that more and more coyotes are appearing in urban areas. And that is no bueno for the likes of Paco, a bichon frise who was attacked in southeast Charlotte last week.

“This really sucks,” Paco told reporters. “I’ve had three surgeries already. I’m just glad my homedog Sancho was there to get my back.” Sancho, the family’s labradoodle, barked and cried during the face-off last Friday.

Sancho has said that the coyote was behaving “like a real thug” and has commented that the coyote’s hairstyle “could use some help.”

Coyotes, a territorial species, have been known to attack domestic animals and hunt smaller animals, including cats, for food.

And in Other Amurrican One-Upsmanship News

The Mooresville-based company Lowe’s has announced that it will pull its advertising from the TLC show All-American Muslim after the Florida Family Association claimed the show “riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.” The show, which began screening on November 13, follows five families from Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit with a significant Muslim population.

California Senator Ted Lieu announced today to the Associated Press that he may call for a boycott of the brand for its “naked bigotry.” His decision on the boycott will be announced later this week. He has called Lowe’s decision “un-American,” and has added that the television show “touches on the discrimination [American Muslim populations] sometimes face. And that kind of discrimination is exactly what’s happening here with Lowe’s.”

No word yet from Lowe’s on whether they’ll reinstate the advertising.

Does Downtown Charlotte Need More Advertisements?

A passer-by writes a message on this "e-cast" advertisement for Sharpie. Image via Fuck Yeah, Advertising!.

This ad, as shared on Fuck Yeah, Advertising!, reminds us of what advertising can be at its best: interactive, memorable, funny, and meaningful. So we’ve gotta ask: why is creative advertising absent in downtown Charlotte? For some (many?), the lack of advertising in Uptown is a positive thing — more often than not, ads are unremarkable, if not nuisances, in a daily commute. But when done well, advertising makes a viewer reconsider her surroundings, gives her a chuckle, and encourages out-of-the-box thinking. And as a city that is trying to carve an identity as a creative one, it seems like one logical step is to invite creativity into its public spaces.

What do you think? Is advertising on the street a hassle, or a delight?

Billy Graham Basically Voted Prom King

A Twitter campaign to determine the most popular man in North Carolina yielded some interesting results:

Most Popular Guy in NC: Televangelist Billy Graham

Least Popular Guy in NC: Nature Boy Ric Flair


Vintage Charlotte Party Photo

Image courtesy of Fancy Club Charlotte

Image courtesy of Fancy Club Charlotte

This looks important.

The Wearable Occupation

The folks we’ve visited at Occupy Charlotte haven’t yet had to deal with police brutality or serious arrests. Unlike protesters in Melbourne, Australia, they also have not been breaking the law by camping in public. Check out this video from Occupy Melbourne that offers one creative solution to camping laws: wearing tents as clothing.

And in the spirit of the holidays, this young woman has taken the pepper-spraying cop meme to a whole new level:

What, it’s like a condiment or something, isn’t it?

Image via Copyranter