But Does It Have a Clubcar?: Taking the Megabus

Young and broke-ass Charlotteans have known for some time that there is a bus, commonly referred to as the “fish bus,” that will transport you from Charlotte to New York for $30. And for those young and broke citizens, that’s all you need to know — or so we thought, until the fish bus crashed and killed people last winter. Yikes.

The fish bus earned its name from its starting and ending location at fish markets on opposite sides of the east coast. Charlotte’s SkyExpress (the Christian name for Fish Bus) departed from Central Avenue and would get you to New York overnight. So in the wake of the termination of SkyExpress, what are the young and broke-ass to do?

Enter ye Megabus!

It’s big! It’s freezing! It gets you to Washington D.C. in seven hours! (You can switch to another bus to New York from there, if you don’t want to stay in D.C.) It’s under fifty bucks! Megabus currently runs from Charlotte to Raleigh, Atlanta, Richmond, and the nation’s capitol. I highly recommend taking sleeping medicine and bringing many blankets. Your trip will be punctuated with at least one visit to a truck stop filled with surly employees, king-size candy bars, and wizard memorabilia. Your bus driver may refer to this vehicle as “his” bus like your driver did on bus 894 in elementary school. It leaves from the CATS station several times a day, so what are you waiting for?

As an added bonus, a dude might get arrested RIGHT beside you while you’re waiting, like me! That’s like entertainment, transportation, and a deal rolled into one sweet package. Plus, no fish. Do it.

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