Another Reason to Get out of Bed in the Morning: The Fair is here! The Fair is here!

Source: Learn NCIf you associate September with cold temperatures and the end of rugby season, you probably live in Australia. If you associate it with bipolar temperatures, pig races, and a triple-fried can of Coke, congratulations! You’re from North Carolina!

I am, of course, referring to the amazing experience of attending an agricultural fair. The Midwest may have impressive contests like butter sculpture competitions and the Miss Dairy USA pageant, but we don’t play around down here, either. And this weekend, the king of all fairs — the Cleveland County Fair — is back! YAY!

Held in Shelby, the Fair dates all the way back to 1924, when the Cleveland County commission designated 46 acres of land to be used for agricultural fairs, carnival rides, exhibits, and livestock barns. Each year, more than 150,000 guests visit the Fair. That’s like, what, 120000 corndogs?

Starting this Thursday, September 29th, the Cleveland County Fair will open its gates to provide some of the most bizarre/awesome/terrifying entertainment in all the land:

  • Ackmonster the chainsaw artist!
  • Helicopter rides!
  • Something called the “Hippo Slide”!
  • Monster trucks!
  • BEARS! (?)
And this is to say nothing of its gastronomic fare. If it’s fried and on a stick, you can find it. For any skeptics out there — everything tastes better fried and on a stick. Not to mention that the folks in Shelby have somehow defied physics and learned how to fry soda.¬†Looks like it’s time to cancel those really important plans of watching Mad Men in bed all day.

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